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My name's lilyy. Imma lil girl who like hello kitty. This such a kitty fever.
Life has always been a huge roller coaster ride for me and now I'm really getting tired of it. I always having action with peace, shit, and rock ♥♥♥.
Sometimes life are Suck, FML. But, sometimes are wonderful, LMY. I just wanna put everything down and let go. If you are unhappy with me, please click and letting go.
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Frankly To GOD
Monday, April 4

Photobucket ♥ My blog had been shut for a month

*In the photo wth with me? I look pale and plan Photobucket*
Whats wrong with me?! I really forgot my lil blog seriously wtf
I'm too busy sorry *bleh*
I'm wonder, wonder, wonder.
Last Friday, sister and her friend went to Pav to have a drink. All the guest at the cafe street looking up to the sky and snap photo. It's really weird ! I'm very doubt, I wanna ask the GOD 'what is that'
It like a red spotlight reflect something and 5 ball in the red colour light :/
In that moment, I on to Facebook and saw some of the people saw that too. Their status is exactly what I wanna post. It was really weird weird weird!

Only the five ball in the area. *on the way to Pav*
Is that a signal of end of the world? It look so scary terrible Photobucket
I went to Pav yesterday too. I saw some symbol outside there, it stick on the pillar

The symbol look like the weird shape on the sky right?
It maybe have relation, I guess.
Yesterday I saw a new skirt at Cotton On. It cost not too expensive. But my mommy keep said that was too tough for me, wtf. Ohyes, cousin sister goin to have a wedding dinner on May, is time to buy new wedding dress? hmmmm Photobucket


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Monday, March 14

Photobucket Holiday? NOOOOO please!

(I like this pixie with the flash light)
Oh my dear holiday! I don't think I need holiday now. It feel better if never holiday.
Holiday make people bacome LAZY. WTHELL. I got freaking much folio to do! Photobucket FI! History, Geography, KH! Holiday killing me, but i'm still free now HAHAHAAA!
I decide to start all my work tomorrow Photobucket The affect of FACEBOOK addict. Photobucket
OhYea, I'm waiting for Thursday coming too. I had been a month never meet up with my ladies at Pavillion Photobucket
I miss Pavillion so muchie, seriously!
PhotobucketI'll ensure to snap alot of pixie with them. No matter what look they are Photobucket
I don't know what to blog somemore, so, ciao!
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Saturday, March 12

Photobucket World is getting sick!


Today when I was in the english tuition class. My lovely teacher was suddenly scream ZOMFG!
We was like WTH?! Photobucket
She said: My children, one of our ASIA countries is getting punishment from GOD! Tsunami hits Jepun! 
Is the second time tsunami hits ASIA countries. ZOMFG!
Izzit 2012 is goin to end up our world? Starting I was not worry about that, it's just a movie.
Now! I really realise everything! We can sniff that our world having a super duper changes from last year. 
The weather in western countries is totally changed! 
Photobucket Once sunny days, it was be a very very hot weather. Photobucket Once raining day, it was be very heavy rainfall a whole day. 
Our lovely GOD is getting mad on humans. That's punishment from GOD, I realise.
I start to wonder, izzit our world is goin to die? Photobucket It's horrible!
NOOOOOOOOO! I don't want all the thing gone .. please *PRAYING* Photobucket
Photobucket I was praying for everyone, every humans, every countries. I hope that everyday was a peaceful day ever!

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Wednesday, March 9

Photobucket Ratarded!

I don't know what to say now.
Just after taking part in volley ball school partice.
I sniff that my group members is so retarded! Even the ball is infont of one of them, they will just looking around her friends after that, only willing to pick up the ball.
Just CRAP, NONSENSE, RETARDED, INACTIVE, just look like a tree there can't move. KAYU 
I critical that is not because I'm perfect, but, they are really make people nonsensible.
I can't accepted! Even they are form 4 student 
Once I ask them whether they want to serve ball or what, they sure will look around and answered, me ah? Give her lah = =! WTF!

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Friday, March 4

Photobucket ♥ Happy Birthday to Mamah and elder sista

Is a post 'bout Happy Birthday.
Seriously Happy birthday to mua lovely mamah and sista. I wish my pretty mamah keeping beautiful, nice, firming look always, the most important is healthy Photobucket
I Love You mama Photobucket
So, I had share with sista to bought Konihimitsu Drink for her
It work for firming wrinckle, the source of healthy and beauty drinks. It's only RM 180, I think that is the most cheapest in the category of healthy drink. I found that at others place is more expensive.

Post will be continue Photobucket StayTune!

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Wednesday, March 2

Photobucket Something bad occurred.

I don't know why should suffer like this.
That's not my fault, I just knew that. guilty mind, you are? Uhm, Idk!
I found this on facebook. The things i like to eat, PEARL inside the milk tea.
It was the food almost everyone like?

Pearl milk tea taste buds of people brought in to sweet stimuli, but also gives people the RIGHT health risks. Creamer is the soul of pearl milk tea. Ten cups of fresh milk flavor, not as a spoonful of cream is more fragrant.
Creamer hydrogenated vegetable oil is a main component of trans-fatty acids. Experts point out that: a daily cup of pearl milk tea in 500 ml of trans fatty acids is beyond the normal human tolerance limits, drinkers susceptible to cardiovascular disease. To become fragrant cream tea cream in a name derived from 'creamer' chemicals. This material contains arsenic (arsenic), lead, copper and other harmful substances, Long-term intake, increase the risk of coronary heart disease, cancer, asthma and other diseases likely, the child will have more mental retardation.
Pearl = equal to eating the plastic?
Pearl milk tea is because these small particles, named after the black, we generally call for the pearl pink round, open the main material of cassava starch. However, the pure pearl tapioca starch does not make very flexible, and now more common practice is to add wheat protein in which the. Even so, some businesses feel that flexibility is not enough to make pearls more "nutty", so I added a synthetic polymer material. Plainly, the polymer material is plastic, which is the unspoken secret within the industry.
This can not be absorbed by the body composition, eating what the results of the plastic, you can imagine.

ZOMFG, I was stiff and stuck with my mind went I saw. It will kill people gradually, serious! OHHSHIT! Illy food! Everyone should avoid it from now.
The most nice pearl milk tea i had ever is ChatTime.

Hope that is Just A Dream.  

I love his voice man! AWWWWWWWWWW~

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Tuesday, February 22

Photobucket ♥ OhhYeah

OhYES! The hellie days was gone! I'm just super enjoy the freedom mood Photobucket
This two week was pass like hell, seriously. Photobucket
Photobucket The stupid look when I doin revision

Tomorrow off to school! Eippy!
I definite know the result such shit althought I haven't get those paper.
The standard is hard, im useless meaningless
So sad Photobucket My mind is almost blank when I study ZOMFG.
Nothing much to write. Stay tune my next post Photobucket

They such a ladies killer GD&TOP
I fall my deep love to OHYEAH ft. BOM (One of 2NE1)

All about him by auburn
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